New Zealand Sign Language 3


Photograph of man signing the number '3'Overview:
New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is the language of the New Zealand Deaf community and was recognised as an official language in 2006.

This course follows on from New Zealand Sign Language 2. It continues to improve your receptive and expressive skills with a focus on descriptive terms and NZSL grammar.

Course materials:
All printed course materials are provided and additional online resources are available at no additional cost.

Target audience:
New Zealand Sign Language 3 is suitable for those who have completed NZSL 2 or its equivalent (approximately 40 hours tuition in NZSL), and who wish to continue to study NZSL for personal or business reasons.

Learning objectives:
By the end of this course students should be able to:

1. Communicate about essential services and locations in their community
2. Discuss occupations, tasks and transport in relation to work and community activities
3. Negotiate appointments and bookings
4. Discuss prices on uses of services and purchases, and ways of payments
5. Invite others, accept and decline invitations to their home
6. Give simple directions to, and describe identifying features of their home
7. Identify rooms in the house and name essential household items relevant for visitors
8. Demonstrate culturally appropriate use of conversational behaviours in NZSL
9. Recognise and use NZSL grammar: topic-comment statements, agreement and spatial verbs, plural pronouns, classifiers, number forms

Course outline:
Each session involves interactive group learning with educational games and plenty of movement!  All classes are in NZSL only.  To reinforce your learning, homework is encouraged. There is no formal assessment.

There is a short break half-way through each session and tea and coffee are provided.  You are welcome to bring further refreshments if you wish.

Class limit:
This course is limited to a maximum of 16 participants so please enrol early.

Sonia Pivac is a native NZSL signer and a qualified NZSL tutor who has been instrumental in New Zealand Sign Language translation, creating NZSL resources and services promoting NZSL. 

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