Wellbeing Symposium: Saving Our Lives: Suicide prevention in tertiary education


Eighth Annual Wellbeing Symposium hosted by Victoria University Student Counselling

Victoria University of Wellington’s Wellbeing Symposium is for students, staff and anyone working to improve wellbeing in tertiary education. This year’s presentations and workshops focus on positive and solution-focussed methods to prevent suicide with an emphasis on peer-led activities.

The aim of the symposium is to include holistic perspectives, connect people who work in different roles and reflect on approaches to suicide prevention.

Plenary keynote speaker: Professor Annette Beautrais

Professor Beautrais is the World Health Organisations’ leader on suicide prevention strategy. She is affiliated with the University of Canterbury School of Health Sciences and is a senior research fellow at the University of Auckland’s South Auckland Clinical School. Professor Beautrais also works and teaches in suicide research and prevention.

Break out workshops and sessions
Students, professionals and tertiary staff will present interactive workshops and short talks on their research and applied practice to prevent suicide.

Workshop presenters include Tertiary Wellbeing Aotearoa New Zealand (TWANZ), Samaritans, Aspen Restorative Consulting and RedVespa.

Students will deliver presentations about their experience working in peer-led wellbeing, mentoring, queer representative groups, lived experience and those studying in psychology and sociology, including Māori and Pasifika perspectives.

Short talks will also be presented by staff working across Victoria University’s Student Academic Services.

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